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3 years on the market
Tytanit Holding has been developing technology and building a structure of tech and gaming assets across the world for the last 3 years.
7 licenses
Our company has gaming licenses all over Africa. They cover many sectors, from sports betting, through casinos and slot machines, to national lotteries.
100 experts
We employ close to 100 specialists globally with the skills and experience necessary for smooth operation of our enterprise.
We have a strong IT department with several offices in Europe to ensure that the core management systems of our business remain in-house.
Currently, we have contracted
100 000 slot machines to cover all of East Africa
The global gambling market is expected to reach revenues of over $525 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 4% during 2017-2023.
Population Over 400 million
Gambling Market Value 5 billion USD$

Our Offer

Become an owner and buy a casino slot machine. Your investment can start with as little as 1% of shared ownership of the machine

Slot machines are loaned to licensed companies and placed in slot saloons.

You can track the performance of your slot machine through a dedicated reporting system

Plug and earn, from the moment your slot machine is placed in the venue, you start receiving 50% of the profit with a guaranteed minimum of 250$ per month

Earn 50% of annual profit of your slot machine

Annual profit Guarantee


Profit Percentage Statement

PREMIUM Investor
Buy 25% of the Slot machine!
Cost: 1500$
Buy 50% of the Slot machine!
Cost: 3000$
Buy 100% of the Slot machine!
Cost: 6000$
REGULAR Investor
Buy 1% of the Slot machine!
Cost: 60$
Buy 2% of the Slot machine!
Cost: 120$
Buy 5% of the Slot machine!
Cost: 300$
Buy 10% of the Slot machine!
Cost: 600$
We have
Hundreds of Shops.
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6 Steps to be Rich

Buy Your Own Slot
Decide how much you want to invest. You can start with as little as 60$ and get a 1% share of a slot machine.
Rent the Slot and Reap Profits
Rent your slot to us. Our company provides the necessary licenses, infrastructure, people and venues. You don’t have to worry about anything - we do it all for you.
Make $
One slot machine makes around 1 000$ per month. Earnings may be even higher depending on the players.
Track Performance
All slots are connected to the online reporting system tracking the performance of each machine.
Live Stream
Live streaming from the venues where the slot machines are placed. This feature depends on internet connection availability.
Your Own Network
Want to earn more? Invite your friends and get passive income from each referral.

Want to get More?

Passive Income Meet our most innovative Flat Level Structure ever!

There are 3 ways of earning money:

  • Join the program – activate your account by buying your first slot machine
  • Only full ownership gives you the whole package of benefits
  • Share your individual tracking link among your network and build a new structure
  • Earn even 17% of profit of your entire network!
  • Want to get more? Get even 1500$ in commission from every slot bought by your network

There are 3 ways of earning money:

Own a Slot
You earn 50% of your slot revenue
Profit Share Network
Up to 17% of your network revenue extra
Commision Network
Every single sale in your network gives you up to 1500$ instant bonus

The Structure

  • You can invite as many people as you want – there is no limit
  • Commission – once you refer someone, you get rewarded just for him entering the programme.
  • 3 income sources – you get your share in your slots revenue, you get commissions from referrals, you get profit share from your network
Cost of slot
$6 000,00
Profit share for an owner
Guaranteed monthly income of one slot
Commission USD
Profit share
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10


Partnership with Tytanit
SupaInvest partnered with Tytanit Holding Ltd - a company that rents machines from you and operates them in Africa.
Uganda open for business
SupaInvest and Tytanit successfully begin slot machines operation in Uganda.
Slot supplier partnership
The most reliable machines from one of the biggest producers on the market now offered in SupaInvest to ensure your profits.
Presale - 11 March - 10 April
First 250 machines ready to earn your profits in Uganda. Sign up now!
Next stop - Russia
SupaInvest opens for investors from Russia.

How Can we Help?

We offer the opportunity to invest in slot machines operated in African countries. We have a number of licenses across Africa, where our companies will manage the slots and generate income for the investors.

How to invest?

An investor buys a slot machine or a chosen share in a slot machine, we deliver the
machines to a target country, place them in slot venues (shops) and operate them. One
machine costs 6 000 USD. We offer full and partial ownership (a share in a slot machine)
starting with as little as 1% (60 USD).

There are only a few steps to invest:

  • Pick a share of ownership of a slot machine, from 1% to 100%, and pay. Now you own a machine.
  • Wait at most for 30 days for the slot machine to start operation in an available location.
  • After launching your slot, the performance tracking of your machine becomes available.
  • You do not need to care about a license, venue, etc. – we provide it for you.
What do we offer?

In return for the investment, the Investor is entitled to a 50% profit share from their machine. We guarantee a minimum profit of 500 USD/month from each machine from which the Investor gets 250 USD. That means Your ROI is no less than 50% per annum, and you still own the slot machine.

How much revenue a slot machine generates?

Our experience shows that slots generate 500-1750 USD of revenue monthly, which gives us the liberty of guaranteeing 500 USD of profit and 250 USD of payments per month.

Why I get only 50%?

The companies on our side cover the costs of venues upkeep, slot maintenance, salaries and other (including license payments) hence we split the profits 50/50.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is. You buy a fixed and physical asset – a slot machine, which is your property. We rent it from you for 5 years, during which we operate it and split the profit. Our operations in countries where we place the slots are fully licensed, so you are also protected by gaming regulations guarded by respective regulatory bodies.

Is the company experienced?

Our operations span across East Africa. We have a number of existing shops in Burundi and Uganda, which is the biggest slot market in East Africa. To run our businesses effectively, we employ the best management teams, locally and on the international scale.

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How To Start Earning?

We offer the opportunity to invest in slot machines operated in African countries. We have a number of licenses across Africa, where our companies will manage the slots and generate income for the investors.
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