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Our Trusted Group

Our group has set itself a goal of enabling profitable investment in the gambling market in East Africa which is the fastest-growing region in the world.
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We are spotlighting new opportunities for investors who appreciate the unprecedented boom in the gambling industry in several African countries.

  • We have a number of existing shops across East Africa

    To run our joint venture effectively we employ the best management teams locally and on the international scale.

    One of our main assets is a cutting edge technology used to run our business.

    Our aim is to gain the trust and respect of our investors and affiliates by providing quality cooperation for the years to come.
  • We are an experienced and increasingly sophisticated international business

    In order to fulfil all our goals and guarantee full transparency and regulatory compliance at all stages we’ve established a cooperation on international level.

    Our African gaming licenses are held by local companies. While slot purchase and lease is handled by SupaInvest directly, the operations side is managed by Tytanit.

Here are some highlights:

3 years on the market

Tytanit Holding has been developing technology and building a structure of tech and gaming assets across the world for the last 3 years.

7 licenses

Our company has gaming licenses all over Africa. They cover many sectors, from sports betting, through casinos and slot machines, to national lotteries.

100 experts

We employ close to 100 specialists globally with the skills and experience necessary for smooth operation of our enterprise.


We have a strong IT department with several offices in Europe to ensure that the core management systems of our business remain in-house.

We are proud to outline all the companies behind the project and conntections between them.

Learn about our structure in detail!

SupaInvest Limited

Crystal Offices, OT Center, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Company registration number: 0219017
SupaInvest Limited: SupaInvest organises a huge international contact network of partners and investors, which is why it is responsible for coordinating all tasks and operations within the project related to the sale of slot machines. It contacts investors and affiliates, shares earned profits with investors, and cooperates with other involved entities in Europe and Africa.

Tytanit Holding Limited

1 Poseidonos Street, Ledra Business Centre,
Egkomi, P.C. 2406, Nicosia, Cyprus
Company registration number: HE 360296
Tytanit is the central company of our project. It is responsible for the whole African part of the business. Thanks to this entity we are able to operate in a legal, regulated manner in a few different African systems. Tytanit owns local African companies which hold all the required gambling licenses. It also cooperates with tech companies which guarantees that the slot machines are visible in real-time and manageable.

Arcturus KFT

Wesselenyi Utca 66/1, 1077 Budapest
Company registration number:
The majority of operations we make, including payments to our business partners and to slot machine suppliers takes place within the European Union. That is why we need a service company in one of the EU countries – to manage this part of business properly. Arcturus, Hungary-based, handles payments on behalf of SupaInvest and Tytanit.

Wizard Entertainment Group Limited

Plot 1 Workers House, Kampala, Uganda
Copmany registration number:
This is our African partner to whom we currently send slot machines and thanks to whom all the legal requirements related to slot machine import to Uganda are met. This company operates our gambling shops under the brand HelaBet.


HelaBet is a trademark registered in Uganda and main brand under which we operate in Africa. All our slot saloons are marked with this name. The choice of this name was not accidental. The word ‘Hela’ has a very positive connotation and directly relates to our business – translated from Swahili to English it means ‘cash’.
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Where we are

Our presence in Africa is ever growing! Don’t miss it.
We offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As a truly international business, we are perfectly placed in the East-African gambling industry. Our reach extends to Uganda, Zambia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, the Seychelles and Nigeria. We address the needs of a large, young and fast growing population in the rapidly developing urban areas which lust for entertainment.

Our numerous licenses in this area give us the opportunity to put up 100 000+ slot machines in cooperation with Tytanit. We are planning to open 25 casinos across Africa. As of now, we have officially launched our first slot machine venues with Tytanit using HelaBet brand.

Check out the data! We keep you up to date with our ever expanding business!


Markets in which we are present

  • Uganda

    Population: 42,7 mln, 3,7% of annual growth
    GDP: 27,5$ bln with CAGR 9,3% (2004-2018)
    Offline: Betting, Slots
    Online: Betting, Finbet, Slots
    National Lotto

    Present focus on Uganda!
    We are proud to have delivered hundreds of slot machines in 33 saloons as of now. The dynamic expansion is a testimony to the success of our venture and the high demand for the product to the Ugandan market. We need more machines to keep the queues down! Uganda is considered the most developed market for slot machines operations. With vibrant cities and slots being the preferred entertainment, we can see entire streets of slot venues under different brands, each one filled with punters. We have to accomplish the introduction of

  • Burundi

    Population: 11,2 mln, 3,2% of annual growth
    GDP: 3,1$ bln with CAGR 9,0% (2004-2018)
    Offline: Betting, Casino, Finbet, Lotto, Slots
    Online: Betting, Casino, Finbet, Lotto, Slots
    National Lotto

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

    Population: 84,1 mln, 3,2% of annual growth
    GDP: 47,2$ bln with CAGR 11,5% (2004-2018)
    Offline: Betting, Casino, Finbet, Lotto, Slots
    Online: Betting, Casino, Finbet, Lotto, Slots
    National Lotto

  • Zambia

    Population: 17,4 mln, 2,9% of annual growth
    GDP: 26,7$ bln with CAGR 11,0% (2004-2018)
    Offline: Betting, Casino, Finbet, Lotto, Slots
    Online: Betting, Casino, Finbet, Lotto, Slots

  • Kenya

    Population: 51,4 mln, 2,3% of annual growth
    GDP: 87,9$ bln with CAGR 12,9% (2004-2018)
    Offline: Betting, Lotto
    Online: Betting, Casino, Finbet, Lotto

  • Tanzania

    Population: 56,3 mln, 3,0% of annual growth
    GDP: 57,4$ bln with CAGR 9,2% (2004-2018)
    Offline: Betting
    Online: Betting, Finbet

  • Seychelles

    Population: 96,8 thous., 1,0% of annual growth
    GDP: 1,6$ bln with CAGR 4,7% (2004-2018)
    Offline: Betting, Casino, Finbet
    Online: Betting, Casino, Finbet

Our main goals

Gambling – the most profitable business since the beginning of time, now available for you in Africa – the continent of the future.
We aim to achieve an ambitious objective to secure Licenses to run a Slot Machines Business in over 15 countries! These markets are developmental, not yet saturated and thus have great potential.
Slot machines are loaned to licensed companies and placed in slot saloons. By making a purchase, the Investor acquires the right of ownership of a specific slot machine with a unique serial number for its identification. The process of renting, installation and maintenance of the slots is fully handled by SupaInvest. You don’t have to worry about nothing.
With slot machines being only a narrow scope of the SupaInvest project, we aim to offer Investors from all over the world to become coowners of real casinos – the most lucrative gambling business in the world. We are planning to introduce Roulette Casino slots, Tables for card games and other casino equipment.
UGANDA - 3 casinos
SEYCHELLES - 1 casino
KENYA - 3 casinos

BURUNDI - 2 casinos
DRC - 14 casinos
ZAMBIA - 2 casinos
With a broad spectrum of gambling licenses, we aim to offer our Partners opportunities in sports betting industry. We are willing to acquire and distribute betting terminals for sports fans.
Check out our detailed road map showing planned steps and accomplished achievements.

Learn our objectives for slot machines

First steps

Uganda flag


Investment in a minimum of 15000 slot machines.
Focusing on this promising market aim to become the largest operator by 2022.
Zambia flag


Investment in a minimum of 10000 slot machines.
Being the only licensed company for street-level slot machines we will remain the unquestionable leader and sole provider for this type of entertainment.
Congo flag


Investment in a minimum of 20000 slot machines.
This market guarantees the highest potential due to the largest population and no real competition.
Burundi flag


Investment in a minimum of 5000 slot machines.
The country is a new & promising market with great potential.
Tanzania flagNigeria flagGhana flag

Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana

Our expansion is based on a well-planned strategy to dominate the still growing East African gambling market.
The country is a new & promising market with great potential.


Check out our detailed road map showing planned steps and acomplished achievements.

Step 1. Partnership with Tytanit

A thriving partnership was established bySupaInvest has with Tytanit Holding Ltd. Tytanit rents slot machines from you- our investor – and operates them in Africa bringing you profit.

Step 2. Uganda open for business

Supainvest and Tytanit have began slot machine operations in Uganda. We enjoy incredible success and have signed up for delivery of additional slot machines.

Step 3. Slot supplier partnership

Aiming to provide the best quality gambling experience for the customer and profits for the investor SupaInvest offers the most reliable machines from one of the biggest producers on the market.

Step 4. Presale – 11 March – 10 April

First 250 machines ready to earn your profits in Uganda. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance! If you expect a guaranteed return on investments – Sign up now!

Step 5. Next stop – Russia

SupaInvest intends to open business for investors from Russia. The ever-growing demand for investments in Africa gives the opportunity to look for investors in new.

How to Start Earning?

We offer the opportunity to invest in slot machines operated in African countries. We have a number of licenses across Africa, where our companies will manage the slots and generate income for the investors.

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