How Can we Help?

We offer the opportunity to invest in slot machines operated in African countries. We have a number of licenses across Africa, where our companies will manage the slots and generate income for the investors.

How to invest?

An investor buys a slot machine or a chosen share in a slot machine, we deliver the
machines to a target country, place them in slot venues (shops) and operate them. One
machine costs 6 000 USD. We offer full and partial ownership (a share in a slot machine)
starting with as little as 1% (60 USD).

There are only a few steps to invest:

  • Pick a share of ownership of a slot machine, from 1% to 100%, and pay. Now you own a machine.
  • Wait at most for 30 days for the slot machine to start operation in an available location.
  • After launching your slot, the performance tracking of your machine becomes available.
  • You do not need to care about a license, venue, etc. – we provide it for you.
What do we offer?

In return for the investment, the Investor is entitled to a 50% profit share from their machine. We guarantee a minimum profit of 500 USD/month from each machine from which the Investor gets 250 USD. That means Your ROI is no less than 50% per annum, and you still own the slot machine.

How much revenue a slot machine generates?

Our experience shows that slots generate 500-1750 USD of revenue monthly, which gives us the liberty of guaranteeing 500 USD of profit and 250 USD of payments per month.

Why I get only 50%?

The companies on our side cover the costs of venues upkeep, slot maintenance, salaries and other (including license payments) hence we split the profits 50/50.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is. You buy a fixed and physical asset – a slot machine, which is your property. We rent it from you for 5 years, during which we operate it and split the profit. Our operations in countries where we place the slots are fully licensed, so you are also protected by gaming regulations guarded by respective regulatory bodies.

Is the company experienced?

Our operations span across East Africa. We have a number of existing shops in Burundi and Uganda, which is the biggest slot market in East Africa. To run our businesses effectively, we employ the best management teams, locally and on the international scale.

How can keep track of my profits?

Every slot is connected to the central management system where we can track its performance, moreover the investor can see in his personal dashboard his own slots performance, purchased slot has unique serial number. We want to also introduce the webcam system inside the shops showing the clients live feed.

Do I need a licence or meet any regulation?

No, our group is in possession of all the required licenses and you just rent the machines to us.

How it works from legal perspective?

When you purchase the slot or a share in the slot you are becoming its full or partial owner. Then you are renting the slots to the company which is licensed to operate in the given country. Process of renting and locating the slots is fully handled by SupaInvest. Copies of the license will be available for review at the SupaInvest website

When do we pay the investors?

Machines start generating income after up to 30 days from the purchase – we reserve the first 30 days to place your machine in a gaming venue. The investor can see daily profit of the machine. We settle the income every 30 days to investors wallet in our system. Investor can buy more slots/shares of slots with this money or instantly order withdrawal.

The Investor orders slot 1st of January. Slot begins operations 1st of February, the first settlement is due 1st of May. The results of a slot are as follows:
February: 1000 USD – 50% of the amount go to owner, means 500$
March: 1200 USD- 50% of the amount go to owner, means 600$
May: 900 USD- 50% of the amount go to owner, means 450$
TOTAL: 3100 USD, customers share (50%) – 1550 USD

Where does my slot operate?

Each slot purchased by the Investor is provided to a specific country – as per the offer for the slot. As an Investor from day 1 you know which slot you are buying and where this slot will operate. You do not invest in a virtual thing – your slot has its serial number and your profit is calculated for this specific slot machine.

How long will my slot machine operate?

We guarantee operation of the slot machine for 5 years from the purchase and minimum income for same period. We reserve, however, 10% of the time for maintenance and fixings of the machine. After this 5 years the slot will operate further as long as it is usable, but we do not offer minimum payout guarantee after that period.

Can I take the slot elsewhere?

You can move the slot at your expense to another operator after 5 year period elapses. We offer minimum payout guarantee because we are guaranteed 5 year use of the machine with the profits share model above.

How do I pay money in and how do I get my payments?

You can deposit money using a variety of methods including cryptocurrencies and bank transfers. Your profit is paid out to your wallet in our platform and you can order a withdrawal to any of the available methods.

Is there any minimum amount of payout?

Yes, the minimum payout amount is 10 USD.

This is a cool product. Do I get something for offering it to my friends?

We have a number of incentives for everyone that is willing to promote our product. If someone referred by you buys a slot or a share in one, you receive one time commision to your wallet as well as additional profit share from your friend’s slot.

How does the commision work?

When your friend buys a slot (or a share in a slot), you receive an award to your wallet in our platform. The award for your friend buying a slot is 400 USD (and of course, if they buy a share in a slot, this is calculated pro rata). When another person that is under your connection buys a slot, your direct receives 400 USD and you receive 300 USD, it goes down 10 levels deep and sums up to 1500 USD. You can see that on our website.

How does the profit share work?

You receive additional 5% of the profit of your friends slot each time your friend receives his share.This model also goes 10 levels deep from 5% for level 1 to 0.1% of profits for level 10. Exactly as shown on our website.

Are there any limits to how many people I can invite?

No, you can invite as many friends as you like. You will receive profit share from their slots without any limits. For you to receive commision, you are, however, required to own a certain share in slots.
0-15% shares in slot – no commision
15-25% – 1 direct referral
26-50% – 3 direct referrals
51-99% – 5 direct referrals
1 slot – 20 direct referrals
each next slot – next 20 direct referrals Condition voided until end of June
Note that if you refer more people than your commision limit, commision will be awarded only for the first invited people.
Also note that your commision will be awarded for referred people no matter how many slots they buy – even if you refer 1 person that buys 5 slots, you will be awarded commision for 5 slots.

My friend refers another person. Am I awarded as well?

Yes. Your friend is awarded and you are also awarded both commision and profits. Note, however, that commision from investors referred by your friends will be awarded only for the investors referred by those of your friends that you were entitled to commision from. The details are as follow: