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Have you already invested in a slot machine and earn your profits?
Great! But the demand for slot machines is growing!
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We are opening new shops and looking for affiliates who would appreciate this opportunity as a great way to invest their money.

And you can benefit from it!

We have a number of incentives for everyone that is willing to promote our product.

How does the profit share work?
You receive additional 5% of the profit of your friends slot each time your friend receives his share.

Passive Income

Here are some numbers

Commision table

How does the profit share work?

You receive additional 5% of the profit from your friend’s slot each time your friend receives his share.

This model also goes 10 levels deep from 5% for level 1 to 0.1% of profits for level 10.

Exactly as shown on our website.

Discover our most innovative Flat Level Structure ever!

The Structure

SupaInvest commision structure

What do you benefit from?



Profit Share Network

Up to 17% of your network revenue extra


Commission Network

Every single sale in your network gives you up to 1500$ instant bonus

How to join?

Join the program – activate your account by buying your first slot machine

Only full ownership gives you the whole package of benefits

Share your individual tracking link among your network and build a new structure

Earn even 17% of profit of your entire network!

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Two ways of making money in our MLM network


(payable instantly on purchase in your network)

You receive a commission for each new sale in your network depending on the Level of your Network. Your direct affiliates are Level 1 of your network. You get the highest commission for each slot bought by them (6.67% of their purchase).

Example: When your friend buys a slot (or a share in a slot), you receive an award to your wallet in our platform. The award for your friend buying a slot is 400 USD (and of course, if they buy a share in a slot, this is calculated pro rata). When another person that is under your connection buys a slot, your direct rece

Profit share

(payable monthly for at least 5 years)

The highest profit share are for your direct affiliates (5% of the profit on Level 1 of their share in a machine). Each of your Level 1 affiliates can invite an infinite number of their own affiliates. They are Level 2 of your network.

You get lower commissions and monthly profit shares from them than from Level 1 but you don’t need to engage them personally!

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Unlimited amount of contacts you can invite directly!

The maximum number of levels of your network from which you get profit is 10 with earnings from a member lowering with each level.

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5 Years of constant income

You get a percentage of the earnings for the duration of the rental contract.

The slots purchased earn profit in gaming halls in Africa.

We share this profit with the owner and the network – so apart from your commission, you have passive income from your network of slots month after month for 5 years!

Why is our MLM Model the Real Deal?

In the SupaInvest Model you have a much more direct approach to your most profitable clients. There are also no restrictions on the shape of your network. We allow for an unlimited number of network members. With SupaInvest, you can just invite all the attendees directly to your network!

The slots that your network buys are sent to Africa and operated there. This is where the network generates profit. The more machines we have, the more profit to share. This is why we have no restrictions at all regarding your network or payout of your income.

Even if you have just one person in your network and you just made your first sale, your commission and profit share will be charged and you can get the money.

Also, we do not limit the number of people you invite nor do we require balancing of your network - whoever in your network buys, you get profit (within the first 10 levels of course).

I want to join the programme!

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What do you need to do to start building your structure?



You just need to register with us, get your referral link and ID and start inviting people to our project.

There is no financial commitment needed on your side.


Invite new members

It is super easy – just use the URL link which is displayed in the SupaInvest platform dashboard. Copy it and send to your friends with an invitation to investment.

Each person who used your link to register will act as your 1-level referral. You can use this link wherever you want! There are no boundaries here! You will earn 5% from earnings made by each machine owned by 1-level referral and 400 USD for each bought slot! Instead of the link, you can also share your 4 character ID that all your referrals will type in during registration (it is not possible to register without the ID, so do not worry – they will use it).

How to Start Earning?

We offer the opportunity to invest in slot machines operated in African countries. We have a number of licenses across Africa, where our companies will manage the slots and generate income for the investors.

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