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The Offer

We offer our investors the ownership of a slot machine or share in one, starting at 1% which is the equivalent of $60. In return for the investment the investor is entitled to 50% of their machine’s income – the remaining part stays in SupaInvest.
Your slot is installed in one of our venues in Africa right after purchase, within no longer than 30 days. We operate through our licensed companies.
Based on the lease agreement concluded with the investor, we launch his or her slot in our venues in Africa. All the venues are held by our partner companies who hold relevant gaming licenses. Our operations, therefore, remain fully legal and in compliance with gaming regulations supervised by respective regulatory bodies.
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We operate in politically stable countries. Uganda is governed by the same president for over 30 years. All other countries where we operate also show stability and prosperity - we experience a lot of support from the central and local authorities there. Economic growth in Africa is massive and stable.
No. Our group is in possession of all the required licenses.
The process of investments consists of two separate contracts:
- a slot purchase agreement and,
- a slot machine lease agreement.

When you purchase a slot or a share in one you become its owner. You then rent the purchased slots to us – to the company which is licensed to operate in the given country. The process of renting, launching and maintenance of the slots is fully handled by SupaInvest.

Copies of both documents are sent to the investor right after a purchase. Their drafts are also available at any time on your dashboard.
The slots work in our licenced venues in Africa, operating under the brand HelaBet. The way each slot earns, is that the customers who enter the shop place bets for a certain amount of money and play the game.

Each slot has a programmed RTP (return to player) ratio – it is a percentage of all the money wagered (paid by customers) a slot machine will pay back to players in a given period of time. For example, if a player bets a hundred bets of $1 and the machine he plays has RTP of 90%, the player may expect to get back about $90 of wins. RTP’s are made in such a way, that makes a slot earn more than it pays back to the customers.
Our slot machines are diversified in respect of technology. It stems mostly from diversified standards of the markets where we operate, which as an experienced business we try to meet.
For example, in some African countries one of these standards are banknote acceptors in gaming machines – that is why our slots have this technology instead of coin acceptors. On the other hand, in other countries we use cards to top up credits, because effective banknotes are too poor to be used in the acceptors.

Therefore, the technology we use varies, which results from our knowhow.
Yes! Become our affiliate and build your structure - every time a person to whom you recommend our product buys a slot, you get a commission. You can invite as many people as you want - every new investor invited directly by you means additional profit - there is no limit.

The Company

The group of companies which SupaInvest is part of is a huge and experienced group, working not only within the gambling market, but also in finance and new technologies. We’ve been present in the gambling market since 2016 and in relatively short time we’ve built a strong legal and organizational base for long-term investments in Africa.
No. SupaInvest is part of a bigger group of companies engaged in the project, including slot machine suppliers and African companies, who hold all the required gaming licenses in the countries we invest in. You can find full information about the involved companies on file:
SupaInvest is based in the Seychelles. The full address is: Crystal Office, OT Center, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
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Our venues in Africa are operated under the brand HelaBet. This is the local name for all our African shops and a trademark registered in four countries where we launch slots. The choice of this name was not accidental. Word ‘Hela’ has a very positive connotation – translated from Swahili to English it means ‘cash’.
Currently we focus on slot machines, however, we already have other various online and offline gaming licenses in 8 African countries. In the future we aim to develop also other types of gaming operations, including casinos, lotteries or sports betting.

For Investors

An investor buys a slot machine or a certain share in a slot machine. Then, we launch the machine in one of our slot venues in East Africa. One machine costs $6,000 and 1% of the slot machine costs $60. There are only a few steps to start earning: - sign in at and pay a deposit in the chosen currency; - by filing a form on our platform purchase a slot or a chosen share in one – thereby you conclude a purchase agreement and lease agreement with SupaInvest; - wait for your slot to get launched in a venue (it lasts 30 days maximum).
Yes, it is possible to register a business entity with us. The KYC procedure is different in this case – you do not have to upload your personal documents, but the documents concerning your company data.
All purchases and payments are made online, through an individual account on Before buying a slot you need to pay a deposit in euros, bitcoins or litcoins. In order to pay, you should use the form in a ‘Deposits’ tab – just choose the currency and type in the amount of dollars that you would like to invest. Our system will count how much of the chosen currency you should pay to receive the declared amount of dollars. Once the requested amount appears in your deposit wallet, you can use it to purchase a slot through the account.
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Yes. We have a feature thanks to which you can generate your invoice automatically from your account.
No. The order in which we launch slots is part of our strategy. We use our best knowledge and experience to make each slot as profitable as it can be. The investors are, however, informed in which venue their slots are installed in right after the purchase.
It depends on a location. There are no regulatory limitations. Slot machine halls needs to be at least 30 sqm in Uganda, but there is no limit to the number of machines. In Uganda we have venues between 6 and 40 machines now, depending on traffic intensity, size of venue and profitability. We are not planning to set up bigger locations, but in other countries both more and less machines are possible. The biggest venues are planned in the DRC and the smallest ones in Burundi. It is driven by consumer habits.
We guarantee a 5 year lifetime for our slots – in case it is broken beyond repair we replace the machine. We expect a minimum of 10 years lifetime for machines targeted to Uganda or other more developed areas. Remember though that after expiration of the lease agreement, your slot may be moved to less demanding areas (for example outside of the capital city or further from the city centre).
The lease agreement is our legal base to operate your slot legally. Thanks to this contract you do not have to worry about a license, venues or staff – we provide it all, while the slot remains fully yours. We also provide day-to-day maintenance of your slot.
No. Our rental contract binds for 5 years and this period cannot be changed. At the same time we guarantee that for 5 years your slot will be earning profits. If you would like to end our cooperation earlier anyway, you could for example sell the slot before the contract expires. Then, the new investor can benefit from our agreement for the rest of the 5-years rental period.
SupaInvest aims to make each slot work for as long as possible. Therefore, there are two possibilities of dealing with a lease contract expiration: - we make an offer of prolonging the contract for another period – however, we do not guarantee that the provisions of a new contract will be exactly the same as in the previous one; - we make an offer to buy back the slot. The slot owner may refuse to accept our offer since the slot remains his or her property.
You can for example move the slot at your expense to another operator. You may also make another decision since the slot remains your property.

Passive Income

The first step to become a SupaInvest Affiliate is to sign in at Then, the only remaining thing is to invite people to our program. The easiest way to achieve that is using the Sponsor URL – a special invitation link which guides a new investor directly to the registration form. If you do not use the Sponsor URL, remember to always share your Sponsor ID (user name) – without it a new investor cannot register. All investors who used your Sponsor ID to sign in are part of your affiliate network. When you use the Sponsor URL to invite people, the Sponsor ID will be automatically typed in the registration form.
Instantly after an investor invited by you buys a slot you get a commission.
You can track the shape of your structure, as well as the number of its members online, from an individual account on the SupaInvest website. Moreover, you can also track the value of sales and purchases made by everyone in your downline.
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You can invite exactly as many as you wish.
Yes. On the website we provide you with various materials which can be used in different communication channels. You can freely complete those materials with your own content and use them for your own marketing. However, doing it you also have to follow some regulations - above all, you must not change our branding or logo. The materials include among others landing pages templates. You can use them to create your website but you can also leave this task for our experts. If you provide us with your content, we will do the website for you. In regards to other kinds of marketing materials, in case you need any help – do not hesitate to contact us and share your content.


The companies on our side provides the investors with all the necessary infrastructure, including above all legal base (licenses), legal and safe transit of the slots, maintenance of slot shops and hiring of staff. Therefore, our investors receive a coherent product and the comfort of not worrying about administering the entire business. That is why we split the profits 50/50.
Your profits reckon up every day and they are visible in your SupaInvest account dashboard and in pending income wallet.
Once a month your income collected in pending income wallet is automatically transferred to profit wallet. Then, you can casually withdraw the sum collected in profit wallet. In order to do so you should fill in the form through the account (withdrawals tab). The request is proceeded forthwith, within no more than 7 days – the time depends on the chosen currencies.

Please note, however, than withdrawals are not available before your account is not verified (that is before you do not go through the KYC procedure). We make payments in bitcoins in shorter period of time than payments in euros.
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The verification is accomplished according to the KYC procedure. You can go through it online, using a form on your account. There are two different procedures, relevant to individual users and business users (companies).
The KYC procedure takes 3 days.
We give you a possibility to purchase a slot directly through the account, using profits already collected. All you need to do is to transfer needed amount from your profit wallet to a deposit wallet. Just use Transfer to a deposit wallet tab in your account dashboard and follow the instructions. From a deposit wallet you can purchase a slot.
Please note, that this transfer is possible only from a profit wallet (not pending income wallet).

Technical Support

If you forget your password you need to send us a request for resetting the password – just click the Reset password in the login panel and give us your e-mail address. We will send you a message with further instructions.
First of all, you need to fill the form with correct data, in compliance with all the given instructions. Secondly, we are going to ask you for uploading documents which confirm your identity (ID, passport or driver’s license – it must be the same document that you typed in the form!) and address (it can be any document which contains your name and address which is not older than 3 months – for example an invoice or a bank certificate). Sometimes we may also ask for your photo made in a recognizable place from the area you live in.

We start proceedings instantly – it takes 3 days since uploading all the required documents.
KYC for business entities looks analogically as KYC for the individuals. The difference is, that instead of giving us your personal data, you type the date of your company. The same thing regards the documents – if you are registered as a company, we need the company’s act of incorporation and the proof of address concerning the company data.
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First of all, you need to carefully fill all the necessary details in the form. Please note, that the data you give us in the form need to be coherent with documents you are going to upload – so if you’re going to give us a scan of your passport during the further procedure, type the passport number in the form (not the number of your ID).

The documents we will ask you for after filling up the form are as follows:
ID card or passport containing the identification number and the date of birth; in case of a business user, instead of ID card you need to give us the act of incorporation of your company;
Proof of address – a document not older than 3 months confirming the investor’s address given in the form (it may be an invoice, bank certificate or any other document concerning the current and given address and the investor’s name or name of the company (depending on the user’s type);
Photo of the investor – sometimes we may ask for sending the investor’s photography showing a well-known place from the area where the investors lives or has its residence.

We try to make the process of verification as short as possible – it lasts no longer than 30 days since uploading all the required documents.
Yes. Before doing KYC verification you can buy a slot and earn profits on it. You can also administer your profits through the SupaInvest account by transferring them to a deposit wallet an reinvesting in a new slot or share. The only thing that you cannot do before verification is paying out the profits.
You have three types of wallets in the account: deposit wallet, pending income wallet and profit wallet. The amounts you see on your dashboard are the amounts collected in all those three wallets.
The deposit wallet is used only to purchase slot or shares (at the same time using the deposit wallet is the only way to buy slots). You can pay a deposit in euros (EUR), bitcoins (BTC) or litcoins (LTC). Our calculator counts how much of the chosen currency you should pay in order to receive the necessary amount in dollars.
Pending income wallet is used to track the slot’s profits – it changes every day. This is the place where your profits can be shown as minus in case of huge wins. Remember that it is normal and it has no relevant impact on your monthly profits.
Profit wallet is used to make withdrawals. It also can be used to reinvest your profits by transferring a chosen amount from profit wallet directly to the deposit wallet. The money on profit wallet is collected automatically - once a month they are transferred from pending income wallet. You transfer any amount to your profit wallet on your own. Once the money is transferred to the profit wallet you can withdraw it as often as you wish. Please note, that you cannot withdraw an amount smaller than $10.
A loss may show up only in pending income wallet – it is where your day-to-day profit reckons up.

Sometimes it may happen that a customer who plays on your slot in Africa wins bigger amount or enjoys a few smaller wins straight. On this day your slot’s earnings might be lower or even minus since our systems track those earnings online. It has, however, no relevant impact on your monthly income.

According to our statistics one slot usually earns around $1,000. Therefore, despite the fact that sometimes a customer wins a bigger amount, guaranteed slot’s monthly profits of $500 remain the same.
Each slot has a certain RTP established - it is a percentage of all the money wagered (paid by customers) a slot machine will pay back to players in a given period of time. For example, if a player bets a hundred $1 bets and the machine he plays has RTP of 90%, the player may expect to get back about $90 of wins. RTP’s are made in such a way, that makes a slot earn more than it pays back to the customers.
The Deposit wallet is being used only to purchase slots or shares.
In order to buy a slot you need to pay a deposit first – just choose the currency and use our calculator to count how much of this currency you should pay in order to receive needed amount of dollars.
You can also pay a deposit by transferring profits from profit wallet directly to deposit wallet.
Pending income wallet is used only to track your slot’s day-to-day income. The amount collected on this wallet is transferred automatically on profit income wallet once a month. Profit wallet, and only this one, is used to pay out your profits.
The simplest way is to use your Sponsor URL – it’s a link you can copy and send to your friends. It takes them directly to the registration form with your Sponsor ID already typed.
Both the Sponsor URL and Sponsor ID are displayed on your account dashboard. You receive them automatically once you are registered on
You can e-mail our support centre – We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We offer the opportunity to invest in slot machines operated in African countries. We have a number of licenses across Africa, where our companies will manage the slots and generate income for the investors.

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